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River Rafting Safety Tips?

I clicked on this article because it just so happens that the subject "Safety Tips for Families Rafting with Small Kids" is a subject that I was considering submitting to an E-zine. I figured I might get some ideas or learn something I had not considered since I do not have any small children of my own.

The second of the promised five tips derailed me. Honestly? A 'life rope' connecting your child to the raft while on moving water? This is dumbest idea imaginable --- and I am being kind.

NEVER attach yourself, your child, your dog or your worst enemy to a boat in moving water. You are setting yourself up for disaster. Lines and moving water do not mix well. Entanglement issues are the first thing that comes to mind. And, if the child has a line attached to them, and they are tethered to the raft, it isn't only the child who is at risk of an errant line in the event the raft capsizes, or if the child falls overboard on the side of the raft opposite where th…