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Deadman's Drop?

Perhaps the City of Cashmere did not want to inadvertently promote drinking by calling the rapid a couple of miles upstream of town by the name almost every river rafting guide and river recreationist uses --- Drunkard's Drop --- who knows?

As for Boulder Garden, I am assuming that is in reference to Boulder Bend, aka Hobo Gulch, just downstream of Leavenworth, but, where is the recognition for this stretch of the Wenatchee's climax --- Granny's and the notorious Granny's Wave (and, these days, the occasionally disruptive Suffocator)?

In any event, the stretch of the Wenatchee that begins in Leavenworth and concludes in Cashmere is Class III. Although admittedly, during spring runoff conditions, the high, cold, fast-moving river deserves river rafters' and, in particular, novice kayakers', respect.

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