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The American Rafting Association

By my estimation, I have trained over 600 river rafting guides in my lifetime.  A majority of them under the auspices of my rafting company, Orion Expeditions, Inc., informally known these days for search engine purposes as Orion River Rafting.

I have a very clear idea of the skills someone needs to become a successful river rafting guide.  After all, I provide the training in order to meet my company's needs for a river staff every season.  My employees must be an extension of me.  I need to feel comfortable giving them the responsibility to escort the general public down a variety of white water rivers.

When the state of Washington opted to look into white water rafting operators in the mid-90s - in response to tragic deaths during a rafting season - I chose to get involved along with a number of other prominent outfitters to head the legislature off at the pass from enacting onerous and unnecessary rules and regulations.  It was clear, due to the tragedy, they were in the mood …