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Sauk River Rafting Campgrounds

Excellent rendition of all the available camping spots along the Mountain Loop Highway and near the Wild and Scenic Sauk River and the Stillaguamish River.

No particular river rafting outfitter is mentioned as offering trips on the Sauk River and so I thought it would be appropriate to list the four commercial outfitters authorized to run the Whitechuck to Darrington stretch of this well-kept whitewater secret.

North Cascades River Runners, Downstream River Runners, Alpine and Orion River Rafting

The Sauk River lost some of its cachet over the last decade because of massive flooding that destroyed the bridge at the launch site and graveled in all of the rapids. But it is slowly healing and the punch of the whitewater is coming back.

It's best whitewater shows up during June and July. However, every now and then, due to the glacial melt, it can be very good during the first two weeks of August as reference to: Washington State - Camping Along the Mountai…