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the backeddy / 11.8.13

the backeddy11/8/13 “Where the World is Always Coming to a Beginning”
Wrap Up of 2013
Trust me, the title pun was unintended.  
If you have been following posts and threads on Orion Guides Facebook page over the last month and a half, you will know exactly what I mean.  It has to do with West Virginia, a rock called Dildo and an unfortunate mishap.  Apparently, the saga ends with the NPS lowering the river to 400 cubic feet per second in order to retrieve the erstwhile rock-condom before it became part of the geology.  In any case, the journey to the Gauley River was a fitting denouement to a very successful river season.  
We had fun and it gave us some perspective.  What more could you ask?
Guide Training
The previous season's guide training found us in the uncomfortable role of outlaws caught red-handed on the Deschutes with too few toilets set up, too few kitchens for too many people, improper disposal of driftwood and - unbeknownst to any of us - training our newbies to 'trench&…