Tieton Eddy Repose

Tieton Eddy Repose
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Introduction to White Water Rafting

Excellent, thorough, well-written article for novices planning to take a raft trip with a commercial outfitter. The author covers A to Z about white water rafting.

The strength of the article are the questions listed beneath "What makes a good outfitter?" But going over the website with a fine-tooth comb is not going to guarantee a first-class outfitter. Websites, after all, are little more than glossy, slick online brochures that the owner --- in some cases --- has spent advertising money to polish and stuff with hyperbolic statements and flat out falsehoods.

Beware the outfitter that claims to be #1 in anything, or rated the Best of anything, or claims to have more than 40 years of experience (since commercial rafting was not even in its infancy in most states in 1970).

The one thing I would add is that a website surely speaks volumes about the quality of the company, and paying attention to the content of the website, whether or not employees are displayed, and checking for mentions of certifications and permits, are all observations the customer should take into consideration, but, without speaking personally with the office staff of the outfitter, you are not covering all of your bases.

Use this list of questions in a phone call, or a list of your own concerns about whitewater rafting, and you will come away with a much better profile of the business than just depending on information off of a stunning website. http://orionexp.com

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"Introduction to Whitewater Rafting"
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