Tieton Eddy Repose

Tieton Eddy Repose
"So, this is the river." said the Rat.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Leavenworth Washington River Rafting

"Most popular river trip in the western half of Washington", "rambunctious white water", "ideal beginning rafter and kayaker river", "great family trip in the summer", "best weather you will find river rafting in Washington", "great inner tubing river once the snow melt is gone and the sun high" --- all of these are excellent descriptors of the Wenatchee River out of the tourist destination and Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, Washington.

What makes the Wenatchee River the perfect mini-vacation getaway is the plethora of other activities and amenities available in the Wenatchee Valley. Hiking, wine-tasting. fishing, rock-climbing, mountain biking, shopping, beer gardens, amusement centers, etc

Commercial rafting companies include: Orion River Rafting http://orionexp.com, Wildwater River Tours www.wildwater-river.com, North Cascades River Expeditions http://www.riverexpeditions.com/ and dozens more. For inner tubing, check out TubeLeavenworth http://www.letsgotubing.com/.

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"Commercial rafting companies operate on the river in the spring and summer."
- Leavenworth WA | Wenatchee River (view on Google Sidewiki)