Tieton Eddy Repose

Tieton Eddy Repose
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

River Rafting: Perfect for the Whole Family!?

Not all river trips are "perfect for the whole family". In some cases, it is caveat emptor for the purchaser of any river trip. But there is also an onus on the river trip organizer to be be forthcoming about the group they are signing on to a raft adventure.

The buyer needs to provide the details of the make-up of their group or family when talking to a river outfitter about the best river rafting option available. An organizer of a river trip needs to be completely honest about the ages, abilities and physical condition of their group in order to be matched with the most suitable white water river trip.

Asking the right questions is also key to selecting a river your family or group will enjoy, because if a provider only rafts one river they might be less inclined to dissuade a potential client from making the purchase. A familiarity with the classification of rivers would be helpful, as well as an understanding of when your region experiences high water, when rivers are sucked dry or whether certain rivers are dam-controlled.

In the Pacific Northwest, a day trip suitable for almost any age is the Skagit River in North Cascades National Park. An overnight river trip perfect for the whole family is the Deschutes River in north central Oregon. http://orionexp.com

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