Tieton Eddy Repose

Tieton Eddy Repose
"So, this is the river." said the Rat.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

White Water River Rafting

Another article patching together what appear to be complete sentences about "The Top Ten Places to Go White Water Rafting" but --- in reality --- its just promoting some company in Maine and a home-based water filter company.

And white water rafting, contrary to the first sentence of this article's second paragraph, has absolutely nothing to do with 'navigating a lake'. But I suspect most people know that already.

I would add the rivers of Maine --- Penobscot, Kennebec and the Dead --- as well as the historic stretches of the Green and Colorado Rivers in Utah to this list of the top ten rivers.

And, the Skykomish River in Washington is one of Washington's white water gems, but the Wild & Scenic Sauk River should certainly not be overlooked. http://orionexp.com/sauk_river_rafting.html

For other rivers in Washington, check out Orion River Rafting's website. http://orionexp.com

in reference to: The Top 10 Places To Enjoy Whitewater Rafting In The Usa (view on Google Sidewiki)